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Fizzy site tastes flat

Most often I'll review a website because I'm asked to do so. Other times I'll see a website I really like and I'll feel compelled to write about it. Sometimes, though, a site will be so poorly thought out that I just have to rant about it. This is one of those latter times.

You may know that I drink a lot of Coke (here and here). About, oh, six months ago, I signed up for an account at to earn something back for my patronage. I've managed to amass nearly 500 points in that sime—about 50 12-packs or 166 20-oz bottles. Suffice to say I'm on the site several times a week, enough that I'm regularly annoyed by several "features" of the site.

First, the site switched shortly after my signup to a Flash-based design. This caused my browser and my password program to be unable to save or fill-in passwords. Instead, I'm forced to enter my password manually every time.

You'd think the "Remember Me" feature on the site would make this easier, but no: the site only remembers your username (e-mail address), not your password. What's the point of a "Remember Me" feature if you're only going to remember my name and nothing else about me?

Far too often, the site displays a survey when I log in. Sometimes I've already clicked "Enter Codes" when this happens, at which time I'm unable to enter codes in the form until I close the survey. Hey, folks! Let me decide how I want to proceed through your site!

The site is slow. I don't have a speedy desktop Mac, but it's slow on my new Mac laptop and my reasonably new PC desktop. Stop it with all the animation and just get me to where I want!

Speaking of surveys, if you want to know what my favorite [insert type of beverage here] is, give me the opportunity to answer either 1) not one of your products or 2) I don't drink these. It's pretty stupid to think that everyone that answers the survey drinks only Coke products and and drinks from every possible category. I end up either lying on a particular question or just canceling the survey; which of those helps you?

It's not bad enough that all of the above occurs, but today you tried to open a popup window. Quit interrupting me!

And get some better rewards up there! There are people other than kids using your site—I think.

[Update (07/08/2009): Looks like finally got their act together: sometime in the last 10 days they converted to a standard HTML site instead of a Flash site. I can now use my password manager to log me in and the site is quite snappy.]


mycoke a pain in the butt..ive managed to spend over 400+ on just sweepstakes alone and you would think by now id at least win the smallest giveaway they have but i havent..i dont know this is looking fake

i also joined my coke rewards in nov. i had enough points for the coke back pack sling. i ordered it for my grandson for christmas hes going to school they sent me an e-mail telling me that it was mailed out on the 3rd of dec. here it is the 18th of dec and i still haven't gotten it i e-mailed coke and told them about not getting it i have not heard anything from them and low and behold i can't get on their site now every time i try it comes up with the debugger i do drink diet coke all the time now i'm thinking about changing my soda to soething else

I drink alot of coke products and decided to get something back for my money. I registered with the coke website in september and by October already had over 600 points then I started having problems with the site it wont let me sign in or do anything , so I called coke and asked for some help with this problem and I tried everything they suggested and it still didn't work so now I guess I will just lose my points because if you don't have any activity on your account for 90 days you lose your points. I am really angry about it and I don't have any problems with any other sites just the coke site. I feel like I just wasted all of My time and points.

The site is so great it won't even let me register.

Recently, my family and I moved. Prior to that, I was able to go online and enter Coke rewards. Once we moved, I had to change my email address. My computer went in to be repaired and was out of commission for a long time. Needless to say, when I returned (today 2/27/08) my points were taken away on 2/20/08. I had 532 points taken away, and I just thought that was kind of ridiculous. Why can't you keep the points you have, even if you're not on for a while, as long as the contest is still running. I don't really think it's necessary to take all the points a person has earned. It's funny, I thought how nice it was to be rewarded back for all the money we spend on Coke products, but now I'm wondering if they're going a little over the top by insisting on taking all the points you've already earned!

tonight 4/8/08 i bet I have spent about 1 hour trying to get signed on, but ALAS the site comes up blank and it say done, Done What? I even went back to the a e mail I got from them and still can't sign in. I started to do another name and I thought better of it. I am being to wonder and no other way that I see trying to get to them....

coke rewards is the worst site I have ever seen. Slow as hell. In the past, you were able to print the coupons on the site, now you have to wait a month to get it. I think there trying to scare off the customers because they don't want to give free cokes away.

coke rewards is a good site to benchmark your computer.

I thought this was a really great idea at first yet, always got so frustrated when entering the codes. Can they make the printing on the coke boxes any harder to read? There seems to be one letter or number out of the bunch that looks like greek to me.

Don't click "remember me" because they won't.

I have stacked up quite a few points yet there just doesn't seems to be anything worth getting. Who needs ANOTHER T-shirt??

I'm not trying to be ungrateful.....I keep coming back and entering my codes.......the structure of this site needs a little work.

I barely have 45 points, and now it says I have too many attempts to enter codes even if they are correctly put in. I think it's fake too.

[It's not a fake, just a crappy site. -- Don]

I have been a loyal coke driner for 30 years.I don't think the coke rewards are very good. There just isnt enough selections.

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